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About Us

Our home in fallOur names are Lisa and Mike and we live in beautiful upstate New York. We moved to New York City from Oakland, California in 1995 to pursue painting careers and ended up moving to an abandoned Italian boarding house on 80 acres in Historic Sharon Springs located in Schoharie county. We have year round gardens with the help of high tunnels in the winter and we love and cherish the land and wildlife around us.

Our greenhouse“How did we start making cereal?” you ask. Well, we have a nephew in California who is a scientist doing research for a book he's going to write on nutrition. He knows that we are always interested in his research so we got an email from him concerning acrylamides, which are carcinogens found in over toasted carbohydrates—mainly potato chips, French fries and toasted cereals.

You can imagine how upset we were to find out that our beloved Grape Nuts and Uncle Sam’s would have to go and we would have to find a cereal alternative. We discovered “muesli” and were thrilled to learn that it is a raw, unprocessed product (no nasty acrylamides), but none of the mueslis on the market were that fresh and they contained lots of sugars and poor-quality ingredients…so we wanted to make our own.

Our home in springWe use all the best dried fruits available and we’ve added no sugar. After eating our Mu Mu Muesli cereal for 9 months, we decided to make it commercially and share it with the world. We’re super-excited to be able to introduce muesli cereal to America since it has such widespread popularity in Europe. Once people try it and get over the strange word “muesli” they love it and so will you. Enjoy!

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